​”EMINEM FT BEYONCE – walk on water”. Just the one song you wanna listen to,a song that motivates,tells you to neva let anyone knock you down coz you’ve failed in areas they’d expect you to excel .you should never feel beat,should look at the mirror and you’ll see that you’re only human. We can also open their minds and let them know,that mistakes are never here to stay. Continue reading “WALK ON WATER” BY EMINEM FT BEYONCE

The Duster Coat: How To Look Like A Million Dollars?

​ Well that’s easy, just keep riding your high horse and piss rainbows and butterflies. Do the occasional hair flip, wear sunglasses bigger than your head, a duster coat that hangs off your shoulder all the way down to the floor like you’re goddam Cruella. Oh, and always look ambushed by the paparazzi yet never out of style. Like I said here, some people are born with it, some work a life time but never really nail it. How to look like a million dollars?  The key is to look effortless, and unbothered. The best way to do that apparently … Continue reading The Duster Coat: How To Look Like A Million Dollars?


​Eating out can’t always be avoided. There are days that you might have a business lunch meeting or you need something to eat whilst out. The challenge is you are watching your weight or you are trying to lose weight. The answer is simple, all you need to do is apply the same discipline that you have at home. Below are 10 simple rules to remember when eating out. 1. If it’s a restaurant or food outlet that you know then you know their menu. You am then plan your meal ahead and saves you from making poor choices. 2. … Continue reading 10 SIMPLE RULES OF EATING OUT WITHOUT GAINING WEIGHT

‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers: King Ragnar Lothbrok to Defeat Emperor Charles and Conquer Paris?

Historically, France and England plays a vital role in King Ragnar Lothbrok’s life. Apart from offering his daughter Princess Gisla of West Francia (Morgane Polanski) to Rollo (Clive Standen), now the Emperor Charles of France (Lothaire Bluteau) may execute new plans to save Paris from King Ragnar Lothbrok’s (Travis Fimmel) attack in “Vikings” season 4. But he may not succeed in any of his plans. Historically, Bjorn Ironside’s father is known as the scourge of France and England. It also states that he was conquered by his enemies while attacking Northumbria. Meanwhile, the series creator Michael Hirst revealed that the … Continue reading ‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers: King Ragnar Lothbrok to Defeat Emperor Charles and Conquer Paris?


​One rule: don’t push your breasts together like they’re fighting for air or something. You know, the circa 2000 look? Yeah. Don’t do that. Instead let them be as they are and go for tops or dresses with V-cuts as deep as your belly button, or as deep as your bra starts showing (if you decide to wear one). Cleavage – if done right is not vulgar but very feminine. From super sexy dresses, to more flirty styles, to dresses you wear to evening events – a low V-cut is an incredibly sophisticated detail. A deep cleavage top, or jumpsuit … Continue reading HOW TO WEAR CLEAVAGE DRESSES

2017 OSCARS Red Carpet: Best dressed

​Best dressed – Oscars 2017 Red Carpet Viola Davis looked beyond perfect. The dress was a simple gorgeous mermaid in the best colour ever. Red looks insane on her and she pulled it off like a winner! I loved the entire look, form dress to hair and makeup. She looked beautiful. Emma Stonein Givenchy was the perfect image of how to wear gold’ish tones. I LOVED the contrast of the dress with her darker red hair and bold makeup up. So fashion and old Hollywood. Continuing the golden love was Jessica Biel who pulled off a very risky look if you ask me. She … Continue reading 2017 OSCARS Red Carpet: Best dressed

“THE ORIGINALS”:who’s your favourite character????

Big question,huh??  Well mine has been Klaus all the way and here’s why:: 1. He’s sure knows how to make an entrance. 2. He’s damn good looking in any century. 3. He made killing an art form. 4. He can’t be broken. 5.Despite what we may think, he always wanted what was best for his family…kind of. 6.The promises that he did keep, were the best kind. Anyway that’s just me!!!!! Who’s yours?????? Continue reading “THE ORIGINALS”:who’s your favourite character????