“THE ORIGINALS”:who’s your favourite character????

Big question,huh??

 Well mine has been Klaus all the way and here’s why::

1. He’s sure knows how to make an entrance.

2. He’s damn good looking in any century.

3. He made killing an art form.

4. He can’t be broken.

5.Despite what we may think, he always wanted what was best for his family…kind of.

6.The promises that he did keep, were the best kind.

Anyway that’s just me!!!!!

Who’s yours??????


7 thoughts on ““THE ORIGINALS”:who’s your favourite character????

      1. Yeah. I hate every other character in the movie; especially Davina and Hailey 😒worse characters ever!! Klaus should literally be the only character! The movie would still be great because his face is everything 😍😍

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