One rule: don’t push your breasts together like they’re fighting for air or something. You know, the circa 2000 look? Yeah. Don’t do that. Instead let them be as they are and go for tops or dresses with V-cuts as deep as your belly button, or as deep as your bra starts showing (if you decide to wear one).

Cleavage – if done right is not vulgar but very feminine.

From super sexy dresses, to more flirty styles, to dresses you wear to evening events – a low V-cut is an incredibly sophisticated detail.

A deep cleavage top, or jumpsuit is a perfect choice for a night out, a hangout with friends.

You can also do the deep cleavage by wearing a button-down shirt and not buttoning it up. Like this trend, remember?

Wear what you want, how you want it, and almost anywhere you want to, except for office of course.

What do you think?




  1. Oh my god throwback to when everyone would all but tape their boobs together to make them appear bigger in v-neck tops! Definitely not a trend I wanna see come back. I adore the open-cleavage fashion that’s going on at the moment though I don’t think I could personally pull it off
    Elen x

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      1. Because I’m already large chested I find anything extremely low cut seems to accentuate the size even MORE which makes my figure look out of proportion x


  2. Great post! Showing off cleavage is pretty tricky in my opinion, but if done right, it looks sooooo good. But I really do think it’s harder for girls like me with a larger chest to carry off this trend well.

    I’d love it if you’d take some time and check out my blog:


      1. Temporarily Crimea peninsula is the part of Russia. It is because of conflict between countries. But in Ukraine we have another beautiful places like Carpathian mountains!
        So, welcome! 🙂

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