7 Dresses Styles To Wear This Summer

1. MAXI DRESSES. The perfect style for all girls with all styles, this dress we must own and wear all throughout summer on: holidays, casual outfits, evenings… It’s so body forgiving and soooooo stylish it’s definitely a must. Also, incredibly versatile as it comes in so many colors, prints, cuts it’s a heaven.  

maxi streetstyle7133-webmaxi-dresses-summer-street-style (2)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (4)http://www.streetfsn.commaxi-dresses-summer-street-style2. MIDI DRESSES. These beauties have made a huge comeback lately and I think it has to do with how versatile they are. From fitted styles to A-line cuts, to retro, to classic these dresses are the perfect office attire, cocktail dress, or even casual outfits (think jersey textures that models-off duty always wear in summer with boots or flat sandals). 

maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (3)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (2)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (4)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (5)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (6)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (7)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (9)maxi-dresses-summer-street-stylenatalie-joos-maxi-floral-jungle-print-dress3. BEACH DRESSES. No summer is EVER complete without these, and the more color wild, printed, white, and short they are the better. I love these in thin straps, neon crazy shades, cutouts, with a bit of a frill to them. AND some of these styles can easilty translate to casual daytime, and even cocktails on the beach for evening. beach-dresses (2)beach-dressesbeach-dresses-for-summerwhite-summer-dresss-beach-style4. FLIRTY DRESSES. Think chiffon and silky fabrics in all the possible cuts, colors, prints and styles. These dresses have a very girly vibe to them with a twist of hotness or boho-chicness, and are perfect for summer dinners, parties, and casual day times around town. flirty-summer-dresses (3)flirty-summer-dresses (6)flirty-summer-dressesgrunge-look-flirty-summer-dresses5. WHITE DRESSES. Doh. Summer’s most coveted style the white dress is the ultimate beauty when it comes to summer dresses. It’s crisp, fresh, classy, feminine, sexy, and enhances your sunkissed skin like nothing else. It goes with anything (yes even boots and leather jackets), and can go anywhere as well.white-summer-dresses (2)white-summer-dresses (3)white-summer-dresses (4)white-summer-dresses (5)white-summer-dresses6. BLACK DRESSES. For the past year or so, black has won its spotlight into summer fashion, and I LOVE that. No dress will ever look as great as a black one, in my book. From mini flirty styles, to cami dresses, to maxi, midi or jersey styles for a very sporty casual hot afternoon – every girl out there needs an LBD for summer. black-summer-dresses (2)black-summer-dresses (3)black-summer-dresses (4)Ilaria (pr-manager), everything from Other Stories, bag - vintageblack-summer-dresses7. FLORAL DRESSES. The definition of summer lies in these colored flowers-exploded-on-your-dress style. They’re great for work, for laid back feminine looks, for weekends, for events… It’s usually the go-to piece of summer that every girls should own.London Fashionweek ss2014, LFWSS2014, outside Erdem, Poppy Delevignefloral-dresses-for-summer (4)

What’s your go-to summer dress style?


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