THE LOOK: Mirrored Sunglasses & Bright Lips

They’re shiny. Colorful. And their lenses are practically mirrors. And they go with anything, even if they don’t, giving a certain youthfulness and coolness to a look. A bit of rave/funky/90’s disco-dancing queen meets cheeky teens in Spring break. And the same pair of shades can look smashing hot on a professional stylish woman.

Any shape looks fabulous: aviators, wayfarers,  round, cat-eyed, all of them. In any color: blue, green, red, pink, brown, yellow, grey. When you wear them on a daily basis they’re your tiny fashion razzmatazz. If you wear them in summer, at the beach, wow! it’s all an explosion of senses: the bright shades, the colorful mismatches of the sunnies with your swim suit, the mirrors’ glance against your shiny sun kissed skin. 



mirrored-sunglasses-look (3)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbeach-trend-mirrored-sunglasses-look


beach-style-mirrored-sunglasses-lookmirrored-sunglasses-and-red-lips-lookOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmirrored-sunglasses-look (4)mirrored-sunglasses-look (5)mirrored-sunglasses-look (6)mirrored-sunglasses-look (8)mirrored-sunglasses-look (9)mirrored-sunglasses-look (10)mirrored-sunglasses-look (11)mirrored-sunglasses-look (12)mirrored-sunglasses-look (13)mirrored-sunglasses-look (14)mirrored-sunglasses-lookmirrored-sunglasses-look-mirrored-sunglasses-look-streetstylemirrored-sunglasses-look-street-stylemirrored-sunglasses-look-summermirrored-sunglasses-look-summer-2-14mirrored-sunglasses-look-summer-2014mirrored-sunglasses-look-trendmirrored-sunglasses-red-lips-looksunglasses-trend-2014mirrored-sunglasses-streetstylemirrored-sunglasses-street-stylemirrored-sunglasses-stylemirror-lense-sunglassesnyfw-street-style-glasses-251red-lips-and-mirrored-sunglasses-look (2)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAred-mirrored-sunglassesround-mirrored-sunglasses-lookstreetstylestreetstyle-mirrored-sunglasses-look (2)street-style-mirrored-sunglasses-lookstreetstyle-mirrored-sunglasses-looksummer-mirrored-sunglasses-looksummer-style-mirrored-sunglasses-looksummer-trend-mirrored-sunglasses-looksunglasses-trensummer-trend-mirrored-sunglasses-look (2)I swear sometimes I get obsessed about the tiniest things, but it comes to show you how a great look lies in a simple combo and a great attitude. Plus loads of fun.


16 thoughts on “THE LOOK: Mirrored Sunglasses & Bright Lips

  1. Hey there! I really like your blog, you have some really great content. I love this post, mirror sunglasses are so chic! I feel like there is something on here for any and everyone! I can’t wait to read more of your posts! ❤️

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