PARKA: The Winter Coat ALL Men Should Wear


This post practically hit me in the face today, cause you see… everyone I know these days is either looking for the best parka, or wearing one. Hmm. Myself included. The looking part. And while I’m looking I’m fucking seeing them everywhere, on all the men out there. From the youngest to the oldest I swear to God, wherever I look, left, right, in the back, in the front, in shopping malls, in restaurants, in taxis. They are everywhere. Men in parkas that is.

And they all have one thing in common. (Besides the parka). They look great!

Boys, I think we’re onto something here, and I think the PARKA coat for men just became a winter staple.


What PARKAS to wear in 2017?

  • Fur-lined.
  • Long.
  • Side pockets.
  • Hooded.
  • Military green, black, white, blue, red, brown.
  • Huge fur lined hood.How to wear PARKAS?

    With anything.

    They look so great, and make any men look fantastic that it doesn’t matter how you wear it. Regardless of your style – smart, office, casual, sport, rock, punk – the parka is the perfect fit. Just try and see how great it blends whether you wear it over a suit, a hoodie, or a sweater. It’s really the most versatile piece in the world. So you can’t go wrong with it. Ever.


    Where to wear PARKAS? 


    You heard me. From office, to mountain trip weekends, to casual weekends in the city, to smart and posh events, to the gym, to drinks with your buddies, to dates, to cocktail parties. A-ny-wh-ere.

    I know men don’t really like a lot of talk, so I’m gonna call this a wrap, and let the street style pics inspire you my beautiful boys. Here we go.


    If you got a fur-lined parka, well… I’m probably saying ‘dayum’ in my mind as we speak. Now go do a twirl for eye-candymankind.

    If you don’t have a parka, well… just scroll back up, and browse my fave picks for you, and buy a parka for the love of God.

    Have a fab day you gorgeous parka loving boys.



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