2014 Autumn Trend: LONG Cardigans

long-cardigan-street-style (3)Two weeks ago I was chatting over drinks with a friend of mine, basically bitching about how there is no more NEW in terms of trends for this cold season. Little did I know. I, again, had spoken too soon. It was right after that, that I took a stroll around the shops to see what’s hot and not out there. This weekend, on a gift-shopping-trip I noticed how retail is packed withLONG CARDIGANS for 2014 fall. Ta-daaaa! 2014-fall-trend-long-cardigans (6)This hot look is nothing more than an extension omini skirts trend, sweaters, and boho-chic styles that were, are, and will always be IN for autumn. More so, this season with the reinvention of the classic cardigan. For the past decades cardigans were basically waist length, somewhat fitted sweaters. Today they’re that and so much more.

LONG cardigans from knee-lengths to floor-lengths are massive, in chunky knits for that bohemian look, as well as thin fabrics, lace, mesh… that look like floor-length trenches. Draped cardigans, aztec printed, belted, hooded, pocketed, ALL is in, in the most daring, funky and fun way possible. They probably are the best layering gimmick and style statement right now. long-cardigan-lookHow to wear long cardigans? I’ll be honest here, the moment I saw them, I loved them. On the hangers. I was thinking of a slight‘nah’ for an actual outfit, just cause of the overly knitted look (grandma alert), or of the borderline matronly vibe – floor length lace cardigans. They look fabulous, but where & how would I actually wear one? And would I?

Then I did some research of how sartorial riskers are doing this trend and… I’m IN! long-cardigansBasically there are 2 main styles a long cardigan can translate to. 1) Bohemian chic borderline hobo-cool, and 2) Chic & effortless model-off-duty.

Long cardigans look best with fitted bottoms:skinny jeans or leggings and a slouchier top. Or they look amazing when the play with lengths is out of control: mini skirts  or dresses, shorts, crop tops layered with denim shirts. fair-isle-long-cardiganlong-cardigans-look (4)For a more relaxed weekend style don slouchier silhouettes even boyfriend-cut jeans or pants, and sneakers. A cap, hat, or beanie will give you that hipster look if you’re into that sort of thing. long-cardigans-look (3)long-cardigans-lookIf you think knits of all sorts are a far cry from sophistication, think again. With a pair of heeled shoes: pumps, stilettos, boots and what not, ANY long cardigan will instantly look uber sleek and chic. long-cardigans-look (5)long-cardigans-styleAlso a major trick this long cardigan thing allows is that we can dress a bit too-fitted, too-short, too-cropped, YET without revealing. The moment you put some short shorts on, a sneakers long sleeve top, ankle boots, and slap a long cardigan on top, you’ll look fresh, trendy, young, without revealing more than you wish. Well, unless you want to. Then you can take it off. long-cardigans-outfits (6)long-cardigans-style (15)It’s all about the details and clashing styles. If you feel it’s too much of a granny style, resort to a pair or heeled ankle boots, jewelry and red lips. If you feel you’re au contraire borderline vulgar, don a cap, a beanie, sneakers and  fun cool laid back attitude. lace-long-cardigans-lookAt the end of the day it’s about you feeling great, funky and confident in your outfit, whatever anyone else says. I you love it, rock it. Fashion is supposed to be fun, a fooling around with trends, styles, and clothes.Let’s have a look at street stylers for inspo… 😉 

2014-fall-trend-long-cardigans (3)2014-fall-trend-long-cardigans (4)2014-fall-trend-long-cardigans (5)2014-fall-trend-long-cardiganslong-cardigans-look (2)long-cardigans-outfits (2)long-cardigans-outfits (2)long-cardigans-outfits (3)long-cardigans-outfits (4)long-cardigans-outfits (5)long-cardigans-outfitslong-cardigans-outfitslong-cardigans-style (4)long-cardigans-style (6)long-cardigans-style (5)long-cardigans-style (7)long-cardigans-style (8)long-cardigans-style (9)long-cardigan-street-style (5)long-cardigan-street-style (7)long-cardigan-street-style (8)long-cardigan-street-style (10)long-cardigan-street-style (12)long-cardigan-street-style (13)trend-long-cardiganslong-cardigan-street-style (15)long-cardigan-street-style (14)What do you think: YES or NO to looooooong cardigans?

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