How To Wear Skinny Jeans? 6 Outfit Styles To Save The Day

When it comes to jeans the sartorial world is basically a headless chicken constantly drunk on choices and the incapacity thereof to pick one and stick with it. Thank God. A while ago it was boyfriend Jean’s, then it was baggy styles, then it was distressed denim, then it was flare Jean’s cause of the 70s, then high waisted, then wedgie jeans from Levi’s, and all the while the skinny Jean’s – which never left, but took turns in terms of hotness and trends with all the above, until guess what? We’re left with not one or two denim styles that rule, but all.


1.Show them off. Pair them with cropped tops of all sorts, or just waist length tees, or blouses of all sorts tucked in. You can either go for loose top styles or fitted. It all tends to look much better with flat shoes.


2. Casual & chic. This is the most ubiquitous style of them all, and so been there done that that it’s insane how we’re still dipping into it. It usually involves sneakers or tennis shoes and ANY style of tops: shirts, button downs, sweaters, blazers, jackets. From sporty to smart all is possible. It’s just the sneakers that give it that casual vibe, and the details a chic touch: bling, lipstick, makeup.


3. HAWT. Dayum girl. Think skinny jeans and heels + cropped tops, bodysuits, Rihanna-inspo. This is more of a sexy-party style. You can easily go casual with this one by just switching up your shoes.


4. Rockroll. One word. Ankle boots, and black, and a leather jacket. Okay that was 3 words.


5. Sophisticated smart. Think office wear, date wear, going out wear, Fashion-Week-wear. It usually involves fab shoes, heels most of the times, blazers, luxe tops, posh bags, tees paired with expensive bling or jackets. Think of it as effortless rich.


6. Boho-chic. Hello summer. If you love summer, jeans, and music this is the easiest style to nail. It usually involves a pair of sandals, and a loose boho top, peasant style or spaghetti straps, or bare back, or fringes, or kimonos.


Hope you enjoyed this my pretty little sartorials.

Have a great weekend.


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