9 Weekend-OUTFIT Ideas For Fall

As much of a sartorial lover I may be, the way I see it one thing will forever remain unchanged: there are three types of weekends.

1) The stay in bed-pyjama weekend, where you’re lucky if you have the energy to shower. This is usually accompanied by tons of pizza, a state of fuck off mood, and a hangover. You do not, ever, on such days give a shit about what you wear. But in case you do, here’s a post on chic loungewear so you can have a posh headache and all.

2) The stay in bed-birthday-suit weekend. At this point you’re fucking more than fashion. If y’all need explaining you’re far too innocent or young for this. Please click away.

3) The busy weekend where you decide to go shopping, go to the farmer’s market, hang out for lunch or brunch with friends, go the gym, or just get out of the house for whatever reason. THIS post is for this type of weekend. Ta-daaaa.


Basically there is no super power to a great weekend look. It’s all a combo of casual, comfy, with a dash of chic, sophisticated, glam, or edgy (depending on personal style or mood), and breaking those clothes or outfits you can’t wear to work.

Here we go.

1. Flat shoes. Or at least comfortable ones. Anything from boots to sneakers and even sandals if you’re having a warm fall. But sneakers are still the #1 shoe of 2016, and they are comfy and work well with anything.


2. Denim. Most workplaces have a dressing code and denim is usually off the list, so in case this is you – use the weekend to rock any denim piece from jeans to jackets, to shorts, skirts and so on.

The best part about summer ending and us slowly moving into fall is the amount of outfits we can play with. YAS. Layers, jackets, cardigans, hats, scarves.

Jeans look fab for weekend paired with sneakers and anything on top. A mini denim skirt is pure perfection paired with a boyfriend t-shirt and white sneakers. And oversized light washed denim jackets look amazing with an all black casual outfit.


3. Casual skirts & dresses. Whatever’s too short, tight, un-professional for office is great for the weekend. I LOVE knitted dresses with sneakers, or shirt dresses with brown ankle boots, or suede mini skirts paired with light trench coats and cowboy boots. Sigh.


4. Boyfriend inspired. Long live oversized clothes: boyfriend t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, slouchy trousers, big bad jackets. Fab! Wear your hair in a cute ponytail fora touch of girly, or wear bold lips, have fun with nail art, some bling.


5. Sporty and athleisure. Can we get a standing ovation? Thank you. THIS is of course my fave weekend look that I’ve covered before here and here. It’s perfect for the weekend whether or not you are going to the gym. If you are, it makes more sense why you’re wearing cool leggings and a cropped sports bra underneath some oversized jacket, but if not… who cares? I mean, work it.


6. Casual tops. If your work place requires a tucked in button down you’ll probably burn these tops over the weekend and go for anything from boyfriend sweatshirts, to cropped tops and slouchy sweaters, and bare back blouses, and see throughs, and hoodies, and sequins and what not.


7. Casual HOT looks. Again… not office appropriate? Break it in the weekend. Hello bodysuits and miniskirts or jeans or skinnies, all paired with sneakers. Hello low cut tops, and short shorts. Hello fitted sexy clothes that look fab with oversized bomber jackets and  sneakers.


8. Long cardigans. I love these on people, but I hate them on myself. Everybody’s got one these days and it looks great, it adds comfort and coziness to a look, it’s a great cover up piece for bare legs in autumn, or for layering, or just a more fall-ish version of an outwear. Texture wise it’s pure sophistication.


9. Baseball hats. STOP. Those who know me know I hate hats. Like I cannot stand hats (panama, fedora, or floppy hats). Massive no for me. Baseball hats – now that’s a different story. I adore them paired with just about anything and I think they are the perfect accessory and pull-together-look-gimmick for the weekend. Bad hair day? Chilly days? A bit of rain? Wear a baseball hat.




weekend-outfits-ideas-fall-33weekend-outfits-ideas-fall-30weekend-outfits-ideas-fall-34weekend-outfits-ideas-fall-35weekend-outfits-ideas-fall-36Whatever your weekend’s like have a great one. And here’s to autumn packed with #2 kinda weekends.


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